Our mission statement

Waimairi Road Medical Centre strives to provide high-quality primary health care to promote, enhance and facilitate the health and well-being of our patients, no matter their age, gender, education level, ethnicity or culture in a comfortable and friendly environment. We endeavour to equip our patients with sufficient health knowledge that helps them to understand their health problems and to play an active role in the management of their health.

We are committed in achieving equitable health outcomes for patients. There is a health equity policy in place. We strive to understand and address bias, work in a culturally safe manner and create an inclusive and culturally safe experience for our patients, whanau, families and the communities we serve.  


Our Goals

  • To treat our patients as a whole person – in terms of their physical, mental, spiritual, social health and well being
  • To establish a long-lasting, trusting doctor-patient relationship.  We believe it is the key to recovery
  • To provide our patients with the highest standard of professional health care
  • To help prevent diseases by promoting healthy lifestyles, immunisations, medications and increase our patients’ health literacy
  • To diagnose life-threatening conditions and chronic diseases at an earlier stage by screening and provide early intervention where possible
  • To manage chronic illnesses, to prevent exacerbation, and establish an acute action plan if required
  • To manage our elderly patients in their community as long as possible
  • To provide palliative care and create advanced care planning for patients who have incurable diseases.